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The Pension Office provides a variety of forms and documents which you can access in this section.

Please mail your forms to:

Southern Nevada Culinary & Bartenders Pension Plan
P. O. Box 43449
Las Vegas, NV 89116.

In this section we have also included the Summary Plan Description (SPD), which is a summary of the official plan document. All the provisions of the plan, vesting and service requirements, and benefit schedules are included in the SPD. You may also read basic summaries of certain sections of the SPD by clicking on the link for the Pension Newsletter.

If you are unable to find the form or document that you need, please Contact Us

Retiree Forms
2011 Schedule MB (Form 5500)
Direct Deposit Form
Change of Address Form (Retirees/Beneficiaries Only)
Annual Notice of Tax Withholding Election 2011 (Retirees/Beneficiaries Only)

Participant Forms
Change Your Address Online (Participants Only)
Request for Employee Status (Work History)
Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payment
Notice of Tax Withholding on Pension Payments

Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2002
Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2003
Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2004
Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2005
Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2006
Summary Annual Report (SAR) 2007
Annual Funding Notice 2005
Annual Funding Notice 2006
Annual Funding Notice 2007
Annual Funding Notice 2008
Annual Funding Notice 2009
Annual Funding Notice 2010
Notice of Endangered Status - 2010
Notice of Election of Funding Relief – April 2011
Pension Plan Notice (PPA) 2008
WRERA Special Notice 2008
Supplemental Notice 2005
Supplemental Notice 2006
Supplemental Notice 2007
Summary Plan Description (SPD)
SPD Insert

About the Pension - Winter 2003/2004
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About the Pension Benefit Statement - Fall 2005
Death Benefits Newsletter - Winter 2005/2006
How Secure is Your Pension? - June 2006
Early Retirement Newsletter - October 2006
Disability Newsletter - January 2007
Retirement Planning Program Newsletter - April 2007
Applying For Your Pension Benefit Newsletter - July 2007
Spotlight On Your Pension Newsletter - December 2007
Regular Retirement Newsletter - March 2008
Pension Website Newsletter - July 2008
About Your Pension Benefit Statement - November 2008
Vesting: The Key To A Secure Pension - April 2009
Pension Application & Documentation-September 2009
Your Pension Benefit Statement-November 2011

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